Author recommendation: Robert Chazz Chute

If you are a fan of great reading experiences, like I am, there is an author I’d love to introduce you to; Robert Chazz Chute.

I recently read his Omnibus edition of “This Plague of Days”, a three-season set of an extraordinary story filled with the types of twists, turns and unexpected outcomes that always makes it difficult for me to put the story down. The protagonist is an autistic youth who, when faced with a perilous crisis that threatens the world, has a unique insight to the world around him.  An ability to recognize human nature without the vocalization skills many of us would consider “normal”, but something even more intriguing than that…

I have oversimplified in this case; I don’t want to spoil it for fellow readers.  The series is about more than one boy’s perspective of changing world events. It is about human nature, the connections we all have or create and courage in the face of unparalleled disaster and despair.

I could not put the story down.  To tell you the truth, the series was the one of the best fiction I have read in years, and I read a lot!

You can find Robert Chazz Chute’s work at his site:

One thing that made me enjoy Chute’s work was the fact that he slips in some interesting little ‘Easter Eggs’, as you will, throughout the series.  It may be an Apocalyptic thrill ride, but the attention to detail fully immerses you into the depths of the story rapidly.

If you aren’t interested in a marathon (the Omnibus version includes all three seasons), you can get each season individually.

I would compare Chute to a mix of Stephen King meets Dean Koontz sprinkled with Ray Bradbury and Laura Hillenbrand.  Hillenbrand may seem a strange toss to the mix, but her work on “Seabiscuit” showed us a vibrant visual of the unconquerable human spirit, for better and worse. Chute combines the true horror with real human emotions in characters that are as flawed as we are, but introduced abstract ideas in such a way that they do not distract – they add to the depth.

I hope you’ll check out “This Plague of Days” for yourself.

Stay tuned to my site and blog for more author recommendations and news about my own work, updates and some fun personal stories you will only read here.

Have a great holiday season!


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