Book Review: “Eden’s Exodus”

I have read a lot of David VanDyke’s work, and if you aren’t familiar with him, I suggest you go check out his author profile on Goodreads and visit his website at

The first book of David’s that I read was “The Eden Plague”. The title may make you believe this is just another apocalyptic tale of mankind turned into some form of monster.  That would definitely be trying to judge the book by its cover.  The book is an action/thriller with deep ties to military operations and a global conspiracy.  Daniel Markis is a combat veteran and medic whose home is invaded and in his efforts to defend himself discovers the intruders have a secret – one that would change the fabric of humanity – and the insuring viral plague is only the tip of the iceberg.  The Eden virus doesn’t make people less human; it actually is evolutionary.

” Eden’s Exodus” is the third book in the Eden Plague Series.  Filled with core characters, those who have been infected have become something of a social pariah – identified as “the Eden’s”.  Their changes threaten the established rules of society and the global powers, both religious and political, fear the infected will upset the proverbial apple cart.

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Ryan King was co-author of the book and after reading an advanced copy pre-release, I contacted David and received an email back from both writers. I’d like to share the contents of my email and their responses (in part).

  • Dave,
    Out of all the Eden Plague books outside of the first in the series, I actually couldn’t put this one down long enough to do much more than eat. Lol.  I loved the integration of core characters and the fact that the book could pretty much stand alone and entice readers to go look for the previous books in the series.  I had the advantage of knowing what the Eden Plague was, so it was something I paid attention to as I read “Eden’s Exodus”.  Could someone pick this book up and not feel confused about who the “Edens” were?  The idea of the Edens being trapped on a mountain reminded me of the plight of Yazidi refugees, 40% of whom were Christians, being in a strikingly similar situation in Iraq – avoiding ISIS.  I don’t know if that real-life event had an influence on your storyline, but it made this story very relevant to our times.  I grew up in a family that has several members who have served in the military and I enjoyed the fact that you included the moral dilemma related to fighting for a cause you believe in (freedom and protection) vs those who enter military action for political gain, unethical and poor moral reasons.  The fact that the Eden Virus can heal yet does not make the infected morally-superior superheroes of humanity is also refreshing.  It is more realistic to believe that at the core people are who they are despite a virus that could make them superior in health.  The story feels politically relevant, involving influences of what I call “power players” in our world – Superpower nations, the UN, the jihadist and simple follower of Islam who is caught up in the struggles for dominance despite their objections to fanatacism.  I especially enjoyed the Mossad and Israeli involvement as well.  Overall, you and your co-writer have taken a “what if” with this super virus and presented a story that seems more like a “when” instead.  I can’t wait for the next in the series (please say there will be more).  – Christina
  • Christina,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, and I’ll pass this email on to Ryan King, who came up with the majority of the plot and story. It’s interesting trying to write books that take place in the middle of an established series, and we’re please we’ve succeeded.

    Ryan is already drafting an outline for another book, so never fear, the story is not complete, even if we know where it ends. – David

  • Christina,
    Thank you so very much for your response. You never know when you write something if it will appeal to readers or not and I’m pleased that you enjoyed it so much. Your kind words made me smile.
    The Yazidi were actually in mind when I wrote this. I’ve spent some time in Ethiopia and have found its culture and people complex and vivid and have been looking for an opportunity to work both into a book. When the plight of the Yazidi was in the news, putting these two pieces together just seemed to click in my mind.
    Dave and I are working on a storyline for the next book, so we’ll hope to have that out in the not too distant future.
    Thanks again for reading…and the very kind words. Sincerely, Ryan

“Eden’s Exodus” and the first two books in the Eden Plague Series are available now on Amazon and via David VanDyke’s website.  Go get yourself a copy.  You won’t regret it.


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