Riley Amos Westbrook, spam filters, Twitter campaigns and an homage

If you follow me on Twitter @3Rivers_Writer, you may have noticed in the past few days I have started a Twitter campaign called #RileyWestbrookPancakes.  Yes, a hashtag people!  For those of you who are not twits (or just Twitter users), the use of a pound sign may still be outside of your life experience.  It is time to enter the 21st Century.

Recently, Riley has been sharing on his blog some very comical things he has discovered caught in his spam filter.  Think of a swimming pool filter that sucks in every potential comment sent to your site and how it siphons out what shouldn’t be there, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what could end up in that spam filter.    My favorite comment he discovered trapped there recently reads as follows (no edits have been made):

Heres an interesting stat from another Steeler site: In the last 15 years we have averaged under 4 yards per carry only 3 years: 2008, 2003 and, wait for this one, 1995. This year we are averaging 3.6 ypc and in 1995 it was 3.7 ypc. In 2006 we averaged more ypc (4.2) than in 2005 (4.0). I dunnois having a running game overrated?

As a journalist that covers the Pittsburgh Steelers, I am starting to wonder if one of my readers has somehow traversed a stray thread on the web of life and the interconnected net and dropped a comment that has no relation to Riley.  My response to the comment is this:  I have no idea what other “Steeler site” that was being referenced, but besides giving random stats on rushing, dear commenter, you have not convinced me that having a running game in the NFL is overrated.

Now, let’s get back to the important stuff.

Riley’s disappointment with the nasty bots that love to travel around and deposit unnecessary information that gets caught in the SPAM of websites (and doesn’t taste good fried either) led him to mention he would use the word “pancake” to see what may show up next in the filter.  To aid Riley, I took to Twitter and the #RileyWestbrookPancakes campaign began.  It’s my attempt to pay my respects to Mr. Westbrook and of course funnel nonsensical information about pancakes to his site.  If it doesn’t work, I will be forced to eat pancakes for a week straight.  So, please…if you are on Twitter, please help me send as many Tweets about #RileyWestbrookPancakes as possible.  You could change Riley’s life forever for only 140 characters!  Do it for Riley!

As an homage to Riley’s suffering of late, I decided it was time that I threw open the closet door and revealed to you what is lurking in my own spam filter – uncensored for complete analysis.  Riley, this is for you.

Top 5 Strangest Comments In My Spam Filter

“We are pleased to let you know you are not popular enough to have spam in your filter yet”


You mean to tell me that Riley is getting everything from random Steelers comments to American Idol references and homemade Spiderman costumes and I am not even popular enough to get a random, “Have you fallen and can’t get up?” or “Boost your stamina with Cialis” or “I am selling you a bridge to nowhere in Alaska!” ?!?!

I am horrified and truly, I now bow down to Riley who, despite his anguish, must be doing something right to get the wrong comments sent to him.

Honestly – you should go check out a couple books that Riley (a self-professed arm chair lover of fantasy) has written:

Breath of the Titans: War Of the Chiefs

Breath of the Titans: A Mother’s Love

And by all means – his next book Everyone Dies At The End


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