Possibly the best anti-piracy statement I have ever read

I have been doing a bit more reading of other authors for positive feedback (see my post on ARC).  In the last couple of days an author sent me copies of some of their short stories to take a look at.  I opened up the first novella (two short stories within) and found an anti-piracy statement just beneath the copyright and necessary legal information I just have to share.

Andrew Leon Hudson is the author of several stories.  I think it is important to say that these include the End Trails series and the Dark Matters series.  The anti-piracy statement I am about to share was found in the book Absences: Two Tales of Impending Apocalypse.  In no way am I making ‘fun’ of Andrew, because I think he was a literary genius in what he placed before his stories and I hope that he takes my sharing of said statement as a sincere compliment.

After all, how many of us writers really feel like saying something similar?

The statement:

“If you happen to find yourself in possession of this ebook without anyone paying money for it, Andrew Leon Hudson is extremely unlikely to sue you (unless you’re very rich, and foolish enough to tell him.) However, if you like the stories, remember you can still buy a proper copy – it won’t be expensive because he likes affordable ebooks too, and it will help make future stories by him more likely to happen

Don’t support piracy: you can find out if an ebook (or any book, on screen or paper) is good or bad by checking the free sample from websites like Amazon.  If a book is bad, or ridiculously expensive, find, don’t buy it – but don’t steal it either.  If on the other hand the book is good, and the cost isn’t too high, why not spend the price of a cheap meal rather than deny food to poor, hungry writers?  We haven’t eaten in days.”

I admit, I don’t know Andrew very well.  We’ve just met, in fact, through a Goodreads group called “Apocalypse Whenever” that is catered to those who enjoy stories of the end of the world, strange phenomenon and tales that are macabre to humorously dark.

I love a good tale of impending doom…strange perhaps.  Remember, in the words of a songwriter you may recognize, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine.”  In fact, today I feel really, really good.

Thank you Andrew for the entertainment – even if it was unintentional.

You can find more about Andrew Leon Hudson at his website or on Twitter @AndLeoHud


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