Exclusive Content Available Soon

I have been busying myself reading the works of other authors, doing editorial work and interviews on top of my journalism work, but the time has come for me to focus a lot more on the upcoming release of my first fictional novel, “PrinceFall”.  For those of you who have been anticipating it’s July 2015 release, I have exclusive content that is going to be unveiled over the next few days to those who follow my site via email only.  Yep, this week you’ll be able to get fully engrossed if you didn’t download the free sample here on my site of the book (you still can download that sample by the way).

If you were unaware that I even had a fiction novel about to release – shame on you.  I am only joking, but seriously if you are only following me on social media – you won’t have access to the exclusive content.

So, I am guessing you are reading this and asking, “Ok, well what is that exclusive content?”

The answer is simple:

  • Insiders look at the world of “PrinceFall” – complete with maps and special locations
  • Short stories that lead into the story contained in the novel
  • Access to release dates on “PrinceFall” across the various bookseller sites prior to its being announced to the general public
  • Discounts
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Release information on the second book in the series
  • Information about other books by authors I personally recommend
  • Free chapters of books in the “PrinceFall/KingRise” series

If you aren’t sure how to sign up to follow my site via email, go to the Newletter page.  There you will find a secure sign-up form.  Once you’ve completed that task, check your email inbox.  You will be asked to confirm that you did, indeed, voluntarily follow my site.  Confirm using the link that is sent in that email and get ready to receive your first email notice.

Each individual that confirms their email address will be given instructions on how to access the exclusive content – so please make sure that the confirmation email didn’t go into your ‘Spam’ box.

I am sincerely looking forward to preparing you to enter the world that has haunted my thoughts for some time now and offering you a look inside that world.


– Christina

(Note: This post has been edited as of 4/30/2015 due to a change in methods for signing up for Christina’s e-newsletter)


3 thoughts on “Exclusive Content Available Soon”

  1. Christina,

    I couldn’t comment on your most recent blog post but if your book is as entertaining as that sample was, I cannot freaking wait! Downloaded the free sample today and am psyched! So glad I found you via Goodreads. Really enjoy the reviews and interviews you do too. What it is like to cover sports by day and write fantasy by night?


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