Ready To Launch #DebutNovel #IndieAuthors #PrinceFall

After months of getting great advice from writers like R. Chazz Chute, R.S. Guthrie, David VanDyke, Nick Stevenson, Riley Amos Westbrook and the Indie Authors Group on GoodReads, looking at their processes and recommendations, reading a ton of books and doing edits, I can honestly say I AM SO HAPPY THAT MY BOOK IS READY!

Sorry, I know using all capital letters can be annoying but I wanted you to understand the level of my happiness.  Yes, I am THAT happy!

PrinceFall is my debut fictional novel and I suppose, in many ways, will always be like my “baby”.  Although I have been writing for years, fumbling my way into fiction seemed a natural progression.  Writing is a release for me, a way for me to really express inner thoughts and emotions and I am optimistically hopeful that readers really enjoy the story.  Yes, it is set in a fantasy world and some beta-readers have asked why I use a voice that is different from the way “people speak today”.  Truthfully, would you want to hear Gandalf tell Bilbo Baggins, “Hey dude, you gonna roll with us or what?”  I doubt it.  Fantasy worlds give us all the opportunity to use our imaginations, to expand beyond the world around us.  It may be different reading something that is not the way you’d speak, but I think it preserves the aspect of getting readers out of their day to day grind.  After all, don’t you want to read in order to take a break from the norm?

The book goes LIVE on Smashwords first on July 15 (2015).  I chose Smashwords for several reasons. One, I wanted to self-publish my books.  Smashwords allows me to do this.  That isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, and trust me, the book will be available on those big boy sites as well.  I wanted to start with a simple formula and expand.  Self-publishing has been as much a goal as writing my first novel.  After working as a journalist, I’ve spent a lot of time either writing for someone else or doing most of my writing as a freelancer.  There is really a lot to say about being able to freely express yourself – and independent publishing and writing has been the most fulfilling experience for me.

As I light the fuse, I can only hope that readers find my work entertaining and can connect with my characters.  The rocket is about to enter the stratosphere.  Thank you for following along on my journey and offering me such exceptional support.

By the way, Maelstrom – the second book in the PrinceFall/KingRise series – is underway.  I am also making plans to work on a cooperative effort with another indie author.  If you pick up a copy of PrinceFall, you will get a free preview of Maelstrom.  I have a tentative print date for the second book in December 2015.  I am telling you this so that you will push me to stay on track.  Hold me accountable.  It is great motivation.

Again, I have adjusted the goggles and donned the fireproof suit.  Ground Control is online.  Let’s fire things up and send this project soaring!


2 thoughts on “Ready To Launch #DebutNovel #IndieAuthors #PrinceFall”

  1. BIG TIME CONGRATS! There will never be a feeling quite like the “first time”, that’s certain (although each time you finish a huge effort and publish another book, it still feels so rewarding). As I mentioned to you personally, I am sincerely excited for you, Christina. I have no doubt you will take the market by storm!


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