Author Interview: C.L. Rivers, “PrinceFall”

Tons of fun to do!

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On July 17th, I picked up a copy of C.L. Rivers’ debut fantasy novel, PrinceFallon Amazon and after reading it, I reached out to C.L. to get some answers to my most nagging questions.  This is my book review and interview:

PrinceFall description:

Teyan of Domine has spent his entire boyhood living in the land and city of Nye’t Pahl, a place of safety, laws and traditions. Under the guidance of the Protectorate and its Highest Council, Teyan only wants to live up to his birthright of becoming a prince of Domine – a part of the city with a deep history.
His son, Jett, transcribes the life story of Teyan and that of his closest friends, discovering a mystery that few could understand about Teyan’s life and a secret world within Nye’t Pahl. He shares this secret and a legacy of hope with his own son, Orgon.

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