#SupportIndieAuthors Sharing Reader/Writer Love


I have been enjoying myself immensely in a Goodreads group called Support for Indie Authors.   The group is literally filled with indie authors and writers from every walk of life, in varying stages of their process.  It has been an outstanding resource for me.  Saying that, I know many of you who read my blog are writers, authors, publishers, editors and readers.  At the minimum, you read my blog because it is oddly entertaining in some manner.

Although I didn’t officially participate this time around, thirty (yes, 30) different authors got together in the group and set up a “Dog Days” event that needs to be talked about — and if you are a reader, you just hit the BONANZA! (Yes, I broke one of my rules of using all caps, but it is because I want your attention).

Each of the authors participating are either offering books for free or discounted to $.99 (US currency).  Many of them are offering more than one of their books.  The event doesn’t begin until August 21st, but put it on your calendar!  It only last for three days.

No, I don’t get a commission, monetary compensation or bribe for telling you about the event.  I love to read. I love writing. I love the fact that this is a rare opportunity for readers to discover many fabulous writers you may never have heard of before.

Although you won’t find my book, PrinceFall, on their site this time (if you click on the image at the top or bottom of my post here, it will take you automatically to the event), in the spirit of participation…I have immediately lowered the cost of my own book to $.99 (US) on Smashwords.  And I will be leaving it at that price all through August.

Note:  Just because it is only discounted on Smashwords right now does not mean that you can’t download a copy for your Kindle.  In fact, by publishing on Smashwords as well as Amazon (and other retail sites), I made it possible for readers to get the correct file to read on nearly any device…Kindle, Kindle App, NOOK, NOOK app, Sony reader, a laptop, an android tablet, iPad, iPod.  So, all you need to do is figure out how you want to read it.

Back to these great indie authors throwing a summer reading bonanza; it’s ingenious.  I have personally read several of the authors’ works being presented and have not been disappointed by the varied stories and genres.

So, I hope that you will take advantage of the fun event.  Why not load up for the long winter months you know will be here before you really want them to be?

And if you are an aspiring writer or author – or have already begun your journey – come join us on Goodreads. It’s free, a great way to connect with other writers and readers and I truly think you will find the resources the group shares across the forum helpful, fun and motivating.

One last thing before I stop pestering you (in an ‘aw shucks’ kinda way):  Thank you for stopping by and reading this.  You can find me on Goodreads by searching for “C.L. Rivers”.  Add me as a friend, select the ‘follow me’ option, interact by submitting questions, send a direct message through the app and read all of my reviews of other authors’ books.  You may see one of my reviews and think you’d be interested in that book and/or author as well.  If you haven’t already – sign up for my newsletter – for no spam exclusive content, news, freebies and more.  By the end of this week, the first interactive features of The World of PrinceFall will be available to newsletter members only, and I am excited to get as many people involved as possible.  There are two particular extras that will give you, the fan(s), the opportunity to influence Book Two in the PrinceFall/KingRise series –Maelstrom – directly.  So jump aboard for the ride.

And, if you’ve been wishing that a print copy of PrinceFall was available, you may just get that wish soon.  Yes, I am looking into the best way to get print copies to my friends and readers they can hold in their hands – with pages that turn the old-fashioned way.  Stay tuned.



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