Is Amazon Devaluing Independent Authors’ Work?

Okay, #IndieAuthors, more disturbing news from Amazon. Mark Coker at Smashwords’ blog had been keeping an eye on how big retailer, Amazon, has trended towards devaluing the hard work of authors by making it cheaper for readers to purchase or access your books. He recently posted this…

Last Friday in a bit of news that was missed by most indie authors, Amazon quietly announced that because they’re pricing their Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service at $3.00 per month in India, authors will now earn less.

It is a bit disturbing considering that since I added my book, “PrinceFall” on Amazon’s site, I have yet to see one cent.  That’s right.  I have yet to make any royalties from sales…and at $2.99, there are plenty of readers snatching up free books for their Kindle or Kindle App rather than spend less money for my book than paperbacks and hardcovers.

More from Mark…

indie authors have the power to prevent this bleak future. All they need to do is stop enrolling their books in KDP Select before it’s too late. Spread the word.

My biggest reason for using Smashwords to put my book into the e-reader world was because it could be accessed by as many readers as possible. By bypassing Amazon’s KDP Select, my book is on Amazon’s site…but it is also on Barnes & Noble, Kobo and can be “leased” or borrowed from many public library systems.

Earning monetary rewards for your work as an author is important to so many authors. I would love to see a great return.  I have done all the “right things” (according to experts who are selling thousands of books).  Truth be told, the money is not my primary drive to write.  I wouldn’t mind getting something for my work, though.

My primary focus is producing entertaining reading material, but the trends Amazon are setting seem monopolistic and unjust for writers overall.

If you know more about this release of information, please leave a comment.


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