Concept art for Maelstrom


I have been working on artwork to add to the second book in the PrinceFall/KingRise series, “Maelstrom”.

The Morite are a race of people from the ancient lands of Hiddenmark.  I first introduce the name of this race at the end of book one, ” PrinceFall“.  They were essentially wiped out or enslaved by the Pahl – the race who settled in the new world and built the city of Nye’t Pahl.

Here is a short introduction to bonus material I am about to release to subscribers of my insiders newsletter. I hope you enjoy…



Born of ice and snow, the Morite were a people unlike any other inhabiting Hiddenmark. Anciently, their numbers were in the tens of thousands. It was said that the Morite and Pahl had once been one great nation.  If it was so, the facts had been lost to the Lohi, the first inhabitants of the great land – keepers of the records etched into stone.

Whether once as one, it was no longer the case at the time of the Passage; the time when the Jaden and Lohi who could escape did so, crossing the Great Waters for a new world free of the Pahl, never to see Hiddenmark again.

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To see info about the first bonus material already released, click here.


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