Holidays and giveaways

It doesn’t matter where you live, the economy is tight.  Having the holidays in my face always makes me feel a bit panicked.  Do I break out the penny jar to splurge on something I spent ten years saving up for (it takes a long time to collect pennies that equal a nice item)?  Do I scrounge the ditches and beg the neighbors for redeemable soda cans/bottles?  Do I sell my blood ( kidding)?  I love to give…spending, not always so much.

I could go into a long diatribe about how the holidays are about family, spending time with my loved ones and cheer but I would fool few of you.  We all wish we could get at least something to offer as a gift.

I have one way you can do just that.  First, you can click on the following link and try to win a $400 US Amazon gift card.  Trust me, Amazon doesn’t just sell books, so there may be something there for the ones on your “naughty” list as well.  Even your pet.  Just click here to enter for free.

$400 Amazon gift card

If print books are your thing, Nick Stephenson (someone I have talked about quite a bit on my blog & a guy that writes excellent books) has teamed up with several authors for an event called “Christmas Giveaway – 21 Killer Novels in Print”.  Yes…old-fashioned books for those of us who wish e-books came with that dusty page smell.

Click here to enter the 21 Killer Books giveaway

A Freebie from Me

I have been wanting to do this for a month or so…but now seems an appropriate time.  Between December 1 – 12, I am giving away one e-book copy away per day of ” PrinceFall”.  To enter, simply sign up for my spam-free email newsletter. 12 lucky winners will enjoy 12 days of Christmas early.  Who says Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres are the only chics who give things away?

Just follow the links above…but if you missed them, here they are again:

Sign up for my newsletter to enter

I know some of you are going to be celebrating your luck as you wait for Santa to show up this year.  You deserve it.


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