Switching gears for the new year

After the NFL season wraps up (for me, it was ahead of SuperBowl 50 this season), I always take a bit of a break before switching gears.  I like to think of it as my time to reflect and set goals for the upcoming new year. Admittedly, I also use the first week to catch up on sleep.  Hey, sleep is a good thing!

2016 looks like it may present some unique opportunities.  With one book published, I have another that is scheduled to be released before the end of summer.  I am setting up some opportunities to reach out to readers and authors (a small tour, so to speak), do a lot more collaborative work, attend some workshops and expand my experience.

On top of that, I am looking forward to trying some new experiences.  It isn’t a bucket list, per se, but something I want to take a run at accomplishing before I get near the bucket list.  There are about ten things on this 2016 list that I realistically can meet as far as goals. It won’t be an easy trip, but I am hoping it is well worth it.

One thing I already started was a pet project.  I love games.  I started playing an online multi-player fantasy themed game that immerses the player into the world of Vikings – sort of.  While I have not continued to play the game in any real fashion (it was going to cost to do so, and I am cheap), I created an online graphic novel of sorts based on players in the game.  Granted, the characters are loosely based on real people in-game only, but due to artistic allowances I keep any resemblance truly outside the box.  It isn’t anything fancy. It is more of an exercise.  And, wonderfully, I have some guest authors that are joining me in the endeavor just for fun.  If you’re interested, join in the ongoing adventure while it lasts.

It is called: Devil’s Rejects: Norse Gods.

I don’t know how long it will last – likely as long as our little group enjoys adding to it – but I think it is a fun project.  Also, if you are interested enough to want to add to the story in some way (we are looking for animators, videographers, artists and writers who want exposure for free) without the burden of being locked into anything, please leave a comment as to how we can contact you.

Meanwhile, I will be staying as busy as possible.  I hope to be better at putting things up here on my blog – including fun activities and information – that will help other authors and readers connect.

Here’s to a 2016 that is full of growth!



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