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Gloria Elaine Richardson (grandmother) and Christina (C.L.) Rivers
Grandma Elaine and Me

It was my maternal grandmother, Gloria Elaine Richardson, that got me most interested in writing. My parents read to me a lot, and I used to sit at a little white desk and write stories with pictures in crayola colors. My grandmother had gone to San Jose State and studied to be a music teacher. When she returned to Iowa, she taught ‘country school’, which back then meant K-12 pretty much. She never gave up the drive to learn and encouraged me to study everything I could. A trivia master, my grandmother also wrote poetry, was a member of the Jasper County Historical Society (in Iowa), the Jasper County Genealogical Society (Iowa) and helped write and research several books. My favorite publications of hers were her own poetry books.

In high school, I was involved in AP-writing, AP-literature and a member of a special group of artists in a Studio Arts program.  I played softball, basketball, participated in band and was an overall good student who had no idea what to do in college except get good grades (so my parents didn’t ground me for life).

I went to Brigham Young University  intending on studying art.   The art program was full, and after about a semester and a half, I realized I was not sure that was the correct direction for me.

Between the second semester of my Freshman year and my Junior year at BYU, I was a member of the softball team. After my Freshman year, I also changed my major to sports medicine (Exercise Physiology) and Psychology (emphasis on Sports Psychology) while continuing to study writing.  I spent a LOT of time in the training room and working on big and small writing projects; including professional writing, fiction, short stories, blogging and journalism.

In the Spring following my Junior year, I realized that life in Utah and school at BYU wasn’t fulfilling me either. I opted to return home to Iowa and graduated at the top of my class at Mercy College of Health Sciences and went on to work as a medic for a local ambulance company. I did a bit of volunteer firefighting (with a friend that was on a local department) and ambulance service, then moved on to work in a cardiac care unit at one major medical center in Des Moines (Iowa) before switching to work in critical care, a burn unit and emergency patient care for the competitor.

It came as quite a shock when, in 2003, I became severely ill and was forced to leave my work in the medical field. After a prolonged illness and a gradual acceptance that my ‘normal’ life goals were going to have to be changed, I returned to the things I knew, understood and loved – especially writing.

I have been a blogger, website designer and an  independently-contracted and credentialed journalist and photographer for close to two decades now.  I am currently writing for:

Examiner.com  &  AXS Entertainment

Other topics I formerly covered for these companies

CBS Sports Local

Pittsburgh (KDKA) – CBS Sports Affiliate

Steel City Report

I also own Rivertiger Arts, a small graphic arts, web design, and photography business (that I started in 1995) and Sabretooth MicroPress, an editorial and publishing company.

Sabretooth MicroPress logo

Sabretooth Micro Press published its first digital e-zine in April 2016 for the Ebook Blasters group.  You can download a copy of Issue One for free today (click the cover below)!


To see my photography feed, you can go to Flikr – profile threeriverswriter to see a few samples.

As you get to know me, I invite you to follow my work on Facebook, visit me if you’d like on Twitter @3Rivers_Writer, and read along here on my blog.

I will be putting things I write on my personal site here that is ‘my stuff’, and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Feel free to read along as a lot of post are stories about my life and random author tips, personal thoughts as well as interviews that I do with other authors and various other items.  They will be under the tab Christina’s World.

A thank you to my family for believing in me – and to my spouse. A big thanks to my friends! A huge shout-out to my Facebook family. And thanks to my furry pet children for keeping me warm and happy on the days when I get writer’s block or need a nap.


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