Steelers Preview: 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Guide

Authors: Christina Rivers, Joe Kuzma
Genre: Sports nonfiction

Description: Steel City Underground’s “Steelers Preview: 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Guide” is the book football experts and fans alike can’t do without. With the full Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 preseason roster, team/player information, team schedule, statistics, analysis and predictions under one cover, this guide is rounded out with each player’s professional stats as well as collegiate career details. It also includes Steelers draft classes, projected lineups, and is a valuable checklist to refer to when a player stands out at training camp.

This guide is sure to get Steelers fans fired up for camp and the upcoming 2018 pro football season. Each player included also has a fun fact added to their profile so you, the fan, can come away with something extra in your Steelers knowledge-base. Features each player in their positional group, including stars and rookies, free agent additions, special teams and depth players. eBook format perfect for any e-reader app on any device.

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Cover of book Rogue of Polaris by C.L. Rivers, Copyright Rivertiger Arts, All Rights Reserved


Subscription available – Winter 2018

“Rogue of Polaris” is an online LitRPG, Science Fiction adventure set in the near future. Tapped into today’s news with a twist, welcome to a new way to experience an electronic book – through an interactive adventure that unfolds as its readers give input into the plot, guiding characters, anticipate events, and answer questions that could determine the outcome in the most dramatic of ways.

Cover of PrinceFall - Book One in the PrinceFall KingRise Series by C.L. Rivers All RIghts Reserved


Book One of the PrinceFall/KingRise Series

In Reprint
(originally released in eBook format, July 2015)

Teyan of Domine has spent his entire boyhood living in the land and city of Nye’t Pahl, a place of safety, laws, and traditions. Under the guidance of The Protectorate and its Highest Council, Teyan only wants to live up to his birthright of becoming a Prince of Domine – a part of the city with a deep history. Tormented by events in his family’s past and handed a devastating personal blow, Teyan must overcome several obstacles in order to become the man his people, and land, need in a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

Teyan’s son, Jett, is given the awesome responsibility of transcribing his father’s life story into a treasured book that has long held secrets and foretold of a time when the land would face a darkness it has never known. In keeping the record of his father and closest confidants, what Jett learns about the secret world within Nye’t Pahl could unravel a mystery that has evaded even the wisest in all of the lands and force Jett to share a legacy of hope and a warning with his own son, Orgon.

Written in two parts – one part narrative, the other reflective -PrinceFall is a breathtaking tale of humanity and illustrates how quickly the desire to be heroic can cause one to fall from a place of honor into a life of danger on every side; how doubt and deception prove that life isn’t always what is imagined, plunging the reader into a world unlike any other.

Genres:  Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, High Fantasy

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