Book One of the PrinceFall/KingRise Series

(OUT OF PRINT – Originally released July 15, 2015)

Teyan of Domine has spent his entire boyhood living in the land and city of Nye’t Pahl, a place of safety, laws and traditions.  Under the guidance of the Protectorate and its Highest Council, Teyan only wants to live up to his birthright of becoming a prince of Domine –  a part of the city with a deep history.

His son, Jett, transcribes the life story of Teyan and that of his closest friends, discovering a mystery that few could understand about Teyan’s life and a secret world within Nye’t Pahl.  He shares this secret and a legacy of hope with his own son, Orgon.

In a breathtaking tale about humanity, PrinceFall illustrates  how quickly a hero can fall from a place of honor into to a life of danger on every side, proving that life isn’t always what we imagine it to be and plunging the reader into a world unlike any other.

Genres:  Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, High Fantasy

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