Cover of PrinceFall - Book One in the PrinceFall KingRise Series by C.L. Rivers All RIghts Reserved


Book One of the PrinceFall/KingRise Series

Re-release: Fall of 2018 (originally released July 2015)

Teyan of Domine has spent his entire boyhood living in the land and city of Nye’t Pahl, a place of safety, laws, and traditions. Under the guidance of The Protectorate and its Highest Council, Teyan only wants to live up to his birthright of becoming a Prince of Domine – a part of the city with a deep history. Tormented by events in his family’s past and handed a devastating personal blow, Teyan must overcome several obstacles in order to become the man his people, and land, need in a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

Teyan’s son, Jett, is given the awesome responsibility of transcribing his father’s life story into a treasured book that has long held secrets and foretold of a time when the land would face a darkness it has never known. In keeping the record of his father and closest confidants, what Jett learns about the secret world within Nye’t Pahl could unravel a mystery that has evaded even the wisest in all of the lands and force Jett to share a legacy of hope and a warning with his own son, Orgon.

Written in two parts – one part narrative, the other reflective -PrinceFall is a breathtaking tale of humanity and illustrates how quickly the desire to be heroic can cause one to fall from a place of honor into a life of danger on every side; how doubt and deception prove that life isn’t always what is imagined, plunging the reader into a world unlike any other.

Genres:  Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, High Fantasy

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