If you found me on purpose, I’m ecstatic that you have been such loyal readers, fans, and friends.

If you found me by accident – welcome!

I have been writing since I was just a toddler, but I didn’t really start putting nearly all of my efforts into words until the middle-to-late 1990s.  Admittedly, I never thought that I would wind up as a writer.  In fact, I always saw writing as something that I just loved to do, but never dreamed it would ever pay me one single cent or get me anywhere in life. I have since discovered that even if I didn’t earn a single cent, I’d still be writing.

Most of my writing over the past two decades has been as a journalist covering short fiction, sports, some politics and a few niche topics like self-sustaining lifestyles (‘prepping’).  My dream of writing a book was unrealized.

One night, in 2013, I had a dream that stayed with me to the point that I got out a spiral notebook and just started putting words onto the pages.  The result was a couple of stories that evolved into something I felt was worth sharing outside of the sports world I was living in. It became “PrinceFall”, my debut novel (which is out of print at the moment), published under the name C.L. Rivers.

I realize that many visitors to my site will be looking for ways to gain access to my journalism and other projects related to the NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other sports.  If so, please check out my journalism page.

Many of you will be looking for examples of the work I do under the Rivertiger Arts brand, established in 1995 – a small graphic and digital art company that expanded as I did – serving clients who are looking for custom logo designs, book cover art, personalized artwork. Under the Rivertiger Arts brand is Sabretooth Micro Press – a small, independent publishing division that also offers editing services. If that is your interest, please navigate to the Rivertiger Arts section of my site.

I am hoping that even more of you will follow my site to get updates about my fiction, short stories, author interviews and spotlights, book reviews, and other interesting events. Feel free to subscribe to updates via email or through WordPress.

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