If you found me on purpose, I’m ecstatic that you have been such loyal readers, fans and friends.

If you found me on accident – welcome!

I have been writing since I was just a toddler, but I didn’t really start putting nearly all of my efforts into words until the middle-to-late 1990s.  Admittedly, I never thought that I would wind up as a writer.  In fact, I always saw writing as something that I just loved to do, but never dreamed it would ever pay me one single cent or get me anywhere in life. I have since discovered that even if I didn’t earn a single cent, I’d still be writing.

Most of my writing over the past two decades has been as a journalist covering short fiction, sports, some politics and some niche topics like self-sustaining lifestyles.  My dream of writing a book was unrealized.

One night, in 2013, I had a dream that stayed with me to the point that I got out a spiral notebook and just started putting words onto the pages.  The result was a couple of stories that evolved into something I felt was worth sharing outside of the sports world I was living in.

All of my fiction will be published under C.L. Rivers.

I realize that many visitors to my site will be looking for ways to gain access to my sports writing.  If so, please check out my journalism page. I am hoping that even more of you will follow my site to get updates about my fiction, short stories, and personal experiences.

Thank you for making a part of my life connect with your own.

Gloria Elaine Richardson (grandmother) and Christina (C.L.) Rivers
Grandma Elaine and Christina

It was my maternal grandmother, G. Elaine Richardson, that got me most interested in writing. My parents read to me a lot, and I used to sit at a little white desk and write stories with pictures in Crayola colors. My grandmother had gone to San Jose State and studied to be a music teacher. When she returned to Iowa, she taught ‘country school’, which back then meant K-12 pretty much. She never gave up the drive to learn and encouraged me to study everything I could. A trivia master, my grandmother also wrote poetry, was a member of the Jasper County Historical Society (in Iowa), the Jasper County Genealogical Society (Iowa) and helped write and research several books. My favorite publications of hers were her own poetry books.

In high school, I was involved in AP-writing, AP-literature and a member of a special group of artists in a Studio Arts program.  I played softball and basketball, participated in band and was an overall good student who had no idea what to do in college except get good grades (so my parents didn’t ground me for life).

I went to Brigham Young University intending on studying art.   The art program was full, and after about a semester and a half, I realized I was not sure that was the correct direction for me.

Between the second semester of my Freshman year and my Sophomore year at BYU, I changed my major to sports medicine (Exercise Physiology) and psychology (emphasis on Sports Psychology) while continuing to study writing.  I spent a LOT of time in the training room and working on big and small writing projects, including professional writing, fiction, short stories, blogging, and journalism.

In the Spring following my Junior year, I realized I wanted to return home to Iowa and become an EMT/Medic. After graduating, I went on to work for a local ambulance company, then moved on to work in emergency and critical care – including a burn unit – for two different major medical centers in Iowa (Des Moines).

It came as quite a shock when, in 2003, I became severely ill (facing near death) and was forced to leave my work in the medical field. After prolonged illness and a gradual acceptance that my ‘normal’ life goals were going to have to be changed, I returned to the things I knew, understood and loved – especially writing.

I have been a blogger, website designer, graphic artist, photographer and an independently-contracted credentialed journalist for close to two decades now. I have been involved in writing an online role-playing game set in the Star Trek world. I love comedy and laughing out loud. You can see a wide range of topics that I ramble about by visiting my blog right here on my site.

What I put on my blog is “my stuff” – things that you won’t find other places. Feel free to read along about life experiences and stories, random author tips, help with e-book formatting, personal thoughts, interviews with authors and more.

As you get to know me, I invite you to follow my work through my various social media feeds as well (I’ll put them up as I add one)

Twitter: @3Rivers_Writer

I have also been a public servant off and on for several years. At times, I share philosophical and political posts on my blog. If that sort of thing isn’t interesting to you, simply ignore anything tagged in the politics or philosophy category on my site.

A thank you to my family for believing in me – and to my spouse. Big thanks to my friends! A huge shout-out to my social media family and followers. And thanks to my furry pet children for keeping me warm and happy on the days when I get writer’s block or need a nap.