Help With EBooks

A lot of people have told me that they are new to the eBook scene and aren’t really sure how to download an eBook and then put it on their favorite device.  Trust me, you are not alone.  In fact, before I started reading eBooks, I wasn’t sure how to do it either.  To make the transition easier for you, here is a short tutorial on how to not only download a copy of an eBook, but how to get it to show up correctly on your reader device.

1.  If you are downloading an eBook directly from a site like or Barnes & Noble, they provide an auto-update where your purchases are sent to your personal cloud storage associated with your account with them.  Once your books are in the system, you simply turn on your eReader (ie. Kindle), connect to the internet and sync your reader.  The new books and/or docs show up in the library.  Unfortunately, that does not include eBooks you purchase or get for free from other sites.

2.  If you are downloading an eBook from a site other than the big name sites (see above) or from a friend, here is the process to get it onto your device.

(a).  Click on the download link to begin downloading the eBook file to your device.  This will NOT convert it or place it into the app on the reading device.  It simply gives you the copy of the file.

(b).  Once you have downloaded the file, remember where you saved it.

(c).  If you have a USB cable for your device, you can plug it into your laptop/pc and simply transfer the file over.  If you have a wireless connection, you can transfer the downloaded file via your personal email account to the app or device you want to read the file on.


Each Kindle, NOOK and eReader app has either a unique email address associated with it (ie. MyAccount @  Find this info in your account with that site or on your registered device or app.

Let me give you an example:

I have an Android phone and it has the Kindle app on it.  In order to read the eBook (in its correct form), I need to do the following:

1. Download the eBook using the online link onto my device (I choose the folder I want it saved in, but it typically goes into a downloads file) or laptop/PC.

2. Know what my unique Kindle app email address is.  In most cases it is something like this:  (accountname) If I am using Nook, it is the same.  I must have access to my Amazon or Barnes & Noble account to find that unique app email address (look under “account settings” and “devices”).

3.  Open my email client on my PC/laptop or other device that is email-capable and compose an email from my regular email address TO the unique app or device email address.  In the subject field, write “Convert”.  Then attach the downloaded eBook file from the location I saved it onto that email.  Press send.

Within a few minutes, I can then open the app or my eReader, connect to the internet (yes, you have to be connected in order to sync your devices and apps).  I can select “sync device” or “sync app” and the file will show up all formatted for me to start reading.


You can ask a friend or there are also YouTube videos that illustrate how to do these steps if you need a visual.

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